Thursday, December 7, 2017

US President Donald J. Trump Re-Ignites "Decades Old Chaos" !

Trump Recognized Jerusalem as Capital Of Israel Only To Create Chaos Which Already Was Chaotic!

Palestinians "Ready To Sacrifice" Life For Jerusalem!

Decade Old Chaos

Suddenly Out OF nowhere as usual US President Donald Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. Which in no way His or any other World Leaders to take except The parties belong on Jerusalem.

World Leaders, Political & Religious, were in shock after his announcement.

"Decades OLD Chaos" told by the Arab Leaders is again on the rise and in pretty bad shape as No Muslims or any Palestinians will never ever accept this proposition.

This statement of US President Donald J. Trump, is been marked as "Final nail in the coffin".

US President Donald J. Trump Re-Ignites Jerusalem Issue.

Palestinians are Ready to Sacrifice them self for Jerusalem told to International Reporters by the native. Palestinians protest's on the road when Israel military fired tear shell & also Live Rounds, which left injured a Palestinian child with few of them injured badly.

Men, women, children every type of people from Palestine protests against this on the road.

This pointless but hurtful statement by US President Donald J. Trump is Rejected by Every World Leaders, Human Rights Organizations and The Muslims From Palestine & across the Globe.

Let's Pray n Hope this doesn't converts into Bloodshed.

#Jerusalem #JerusalemIsTheCapitalOfPalestine.