Monday, December 11, 2017

Huge Explosion Reported Near Port Authority New York Manhattan!

One Person in custody as NYPD responded Quick To a Explosion report.

Port Authority New York Explosion suspect
Suspect Akayed Ullah in Port Authority Attack.
Photo Credit: CNN

There was a report of explosion near Port Authority bus terminal of New York during the rush hour which creates mass panic among the people.

There was several injuries and one person in custody confirmed by the both NYPD & FDNY.

Law enforcement sources cited that, it was an explosion of unknown category which they are investigating right now. They also evacuated the A,C,E subways and tweeted the notice.

It was near the 42nd street and Eighth Avenue.
Suspect in Port Authority Bus Terminal "Pipe Bomb" attack confirmed alliance with ISIS. He said it was a part of "Christmas ISIS" attack plan. Confirmed New York Police Department. It was a latest attack of Lone Wolf targeting New York city.

Five people injured and a spree of panic among the mass was caused by this "Pipe Bomb" attack.

Officials stated the suspect, Akayed Ullah (27) pledged his allegiance to  ISIS and it was a response of Israeli actions on GAZA which was ignited after Donald Trump's Jerusalem issue.

New York GOV. Andrew Cuomo said, the chemical in the pipe bomb exploded but the pipe didn't explode which reduced the impact of explosion. He Said,
Fortunately for us, the bomb partially detonated. He did detonate it, but it didn't have the full effect he was hoping for.
He is a Bangladeshi Descendant who was immigrated to 2011 on F43 Family Immigrant Visa and lives in Brooklyn till to that day.

He had licences of a Taxi and Limousine which he didn't renew after expiration. He lives in the basement and his brother & sister lives above him.