Wednesday, October 25, 2017

5 On-Page Optimization That Keeps Your Blog Breathing!

Now I’m going to share 5 on-page optimization factors you should do while optimizing your blog posts.

  1. Blog Post Title

  • The most important on-page SEO factor is Blog Post Title. Because more lucrative and optimized title will attract people to click. The more clicks you get, sooner it will rank.
  • Try to use the targeted keyword or phrase towards the starting of title (H1) tag, otherwise make sure it’s at least somewhere in the title. 
  • Do not repeat same keyword more than once in the title tag because it could actually disrupt your ranking.
  • Keep the title length to under 65 characters.

2.      Keyword Density

  • Keep the keyword density around 1.5% percent with a mix of LSI keywords.
  • Use your main keyword once in the first paragraph and last paragraph. And use it in the content where it makes sense.

     3.Meta Tags

  • You should add a unique and relevant meta description with each blog post. 
<meta name="description" content="Meta descriptions That fits & or relates To Your Content or Topic." /> 
<meta name="keywords" content="Your Keywords Here" />
<meta name="robots" content="index,follow" />
  • You should use your targeted keyword in the meta description, but don’t spam your description. Write Meta Description That express Briefly your Content and relates the whole idea. 
  • Google made it very clear that they don’t care about meta keywords. But some search engines, like Bing,still care a little.
Don't use Meta Description for ranking factor.Actually Meta Description Helps You Get Better Click Through Rates.

    4.Internal Linking

Placing links in the content or article of your site is called Internal Linking. But Be very careful about internal linking. Because if you over do it & placing links everywhere where it's not necessary or related then this can get your content de-indexed from google. So use it where it's really relevant and necessary.

   5.Write Engaging Content

This is the most important factor not only On-page SEO but the Whole SEO Solution itself. Without a Better content you can not rank even if you use paid SEO services. The whole point of SEO Solutions Depends On it.

You should write from heart. You have to believe the writings yourself to make believe others. There is no trick or shortcut to rank a site or blog without having a quality writings. So make sure you are writing engaging and meaningful Content.