Sunday, October 8, 2017

Broken Link Building Strategy:Build High Authority Links Free But Effectively!

Use the Broken Link Building Strategy To Get High Authority Links.

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This is a simple,straightforward but effective SEO strategy to get high authority backlinks For your site or blogs & obviously like all my advices & Tips, it's absolutely free.

The idea is straightforward but need patience & little bit of hard work,which I think every SEO Solutions Pursuers must have.And also we have to know certainly that Nothing comes Free.Either buy with currency OR By working Hard. 

There are Hundreds & Thousands of sites that were once high authority resources but, for many reasons, they no longer exist.

But there are still Hundreds & Thousands of links pointing to these resources which you can point to your site or blog.

You can create a similar content and contact the sites owner and ask for publish your content in that place.

The best way to find broken links is to look for the resource pages in your niche or Criteria you are writing about. You can find them using search Terms like,

“your niche + resource page”

“your niche + recommended links”

“your niche + links”

When you find a few of these pages, search for broken links on those pages.

You can do that by using free Google Chrome extension Check My Links.

Harvest a few of these broken links, create a similar or more valuable resource and reach out to the website owner.You can contact Using Default contact Form Provided on the site/sending Feedback if there's a Feedback Option/Reach by mail.

Tell the Owner about the broken link you found for him and offer your own free resource with a offer to allow your site url on that post.This will Generate Real/organic/Less Bounced Visitors & steady reader.

By Following This Process Getting a Broken Link Owner To Post Your Content Or To share Your Credit will drive genuine traffic To your Site or Blog.Which must will be worth spending time with this method.

Happy SEOing.Till Next Time.Bye

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