Thursday, November 2, 2017

HTML Meta Tags- Increase Your Contents Click Through Rate.

Meta Tags are HTML Language to Describe Your Site or Content.

Meta Tags explains the web or browser about the content of your site. Its not visible but this can be parsed by browser when search engines shows them to the user. Keep in mind that Meta tags are not ranking factor. It helps increase the click through rate of your site's content. Which in terms boost your site towards better ranking.

Some Examples of Meta Tags:

Meta Tags

The Title Tag

The Title Tags appears in the starting of your site or Blog.

The Description Meta Tag

<meta name="description" content="Your Site's Description">
Your description Meta Tag Tells web about your sites content. When a user search for a keyword multiple results appears on search engines. Specially Google shows snippets of text on results. Those Snippets are the results of HTML meta tags You used in your sites description.

With Description Tag's User's Get to know about your site. If they get what they are looking for from the result snippets, then they come looking for their object in your site. That's how Meta Tags Help Identify your site's content to visitors.

Description Meta Tags

The Keywords Meta Tag

Once keywords meta tags were really helpful for ranking boost or visibility increasing. But Google Clearly states that They doesn't give a dime to keywords meta tags anymore. So let's not plan for keywords meta tags anymore rather use that time on polishing up your Description Meta Tag.

If you are use for hosting your Blog,

There is a option in every new or existing blog post in where you can input search description about your content. You should Take that opportunity to increase your contents click through rate.

If you use Meta Tags Wisely & relatively then this can give a Real Boost to your SEO Solutions Campaign. So Get on It. Till Next Time. GoodBye!